Evie Nova | Self-Portrait

Evie Nova | Self-Portrait

About Evie Nova

Hi there!

I am Evie, the creator behind Evie Nova Photography.

I found my passion for photography when I moved to US from Russia all by myself at the age of 15 and attended my final year of high school. I only needed to take 2 classes to graduate, but I decided to take more classes to expand my knowledge and learn something new. Photography was one of them. I learned that with photography I can freeze time and illustrate beautiful moments that last a lifetime.    That was the start of my photography journey. 

For years I’ve been doing photography part time while working other jobs and pursuing the American Dream. While pursing the American Dream I remembered that life is short and I should spend time living it instead of letting it pass by me. I decided to start my own business and live my life doing what I am truly passionate about - capturing true emotions, intimate moments, and raw beauty of this world. 

I strive to capture my clients true heart and soul. With every session, my goal is capture timeless photographs that tell YOUR story, photographs that take you and your loved ones back in time, photographs that show true emotion and love.